Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below or reach out with specific questions and a team member will respond. Ready to sign up now? Fill out our registration form.

What does a typical Youth Sports Community practice look like?

Kids rotate in small groups to different stations. They participate in skill-building exercises and game-based activities. Each training station is tailored to the age-appropriate and developmental levels of each small group. During a portion of each practice, we split into teams and scrimmage. Our primary goals are for kids to have fun, make new friends, improve their skills, and develop confidence. Our athletes are always engaged and constantly moving throughout practices.

Do you offer “Competitive” Programs?

We believe kids should not specialize in sports at early ages. Instead, they should try different sports and build foundational skills. Our emphasis on player development over competition enables youth to “tryout” and “make the team” as they age into school sports. It also encourages lifelong enjoyment and engagement in sports.

We offer more “competitive” opportunities as kids get older. If they want to go more in-depth in one or more sports, we offer our Sports Academies. We also encourage our teenage athletes to remain active in our community by participating in our “Coaches in Training” program. If they are in middle school, they can serve as an assistant coach in an After School Program. If they are in high school, they can work with veteran coaches in our Tykes or Youth Sports Community programs.

If Our Athlete Has COVID or is exposed, How do we know when to come back?

We have asked experts in the medical field for guidance for this question. Our friends at Children’s hospital recommend using this flow chart from the CDC.

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