Little Tykes

Little Tykes is another 2021-2022 pilot program. Our goal is to create more opportunities for the younger siblings in our sports community to play. With this, we want to take our 3 and 4 year-olds off the sideline and give them a chance to play like their big sisters and brothers. Our 4 year-olds should have the option to play soccer and basketball even if they are not quite ready or comfortable in our Youth Sports Community. Practices happen on a separate field for the first 30 minutes of our Youth Sports Community. We also provide these programs to our school partners and Head Start centers.

• Who: Girls and boys age 3-4

• Where: Columbia Parc, 3857 Duplessis Street

• When: Saturdays at 10am or Sundays at 4pm during the Fall and Winter, Spring (TBD)

• Cost: families can choose whatever fits their budget from $5 – $75